Rogério Moreira

👋 I’m a software engineer, writer, and maker, currently living in Braga, Portugal.

Right now I work for Mindera where I help developing Trainline, the biggest rail-ticketing company in Europe. Before, I worked at Pixelmatters in the development of web applications and websites in various business domains with US-based companies like Rubrik and DocSend (acquired by Dropbox).

I also help to maintain OMinho one of the biggest Portuguese online newspapers and ocasionally write about tech and Apple at iClub.

You can find me on Twitter where I talk about development or on GitHub where I’m building in the open, or on LinkedIn if you want to know more about me.


Weekend hacks for fun and learning.

Awesome Portugal Data

Curated list of Portuguese datasets and open APIs.

Serverless Portuguese Utils

A set of useful utils to validate Portuguese data using Cloudflare Workers.


Python client to interact with XNAT

Speaking and interviews

Some of the articles I've written outside this website or I've contributed to.

WordPress workshop for NEEGIUM

An introductory workshop about WordPress


Other pages on the site that don't fit anywhere else.


Books that I read or I'm currently reading