Rogério Moreira – Software Engineer, writer, maker.

Hey, I’m Rogério Moreira

I’m a software engineer, writer, and maker. I work at Mindera as a Software Engineer. You’ve found my personal slice of the internet – everything you want to know and more is here.

Latest Posts

How I added Google Analytics real-time visitors to my MacBook Touchbar

A couple of weeks ago I remembered it would be cool to see the real-time visitors of my website directly on my MacBook Pro Touch Bar, so I decided to do it.


I usually use the last couple of days of the year to reflect on the things that have happened and this year was no exception.

From monolithic to headless: how and why you should adapt your WordPress stack

How to adapt your WordPress stack to use a more headless approach with newer technologies.


Awesome Portugal Data

Curated list of Portuguese datasets and open APIs.

Serverless Portuguese Utils

A set of useful utils to validate Portuguese data using Cloudflare Workers.


Python client to interact with XNAT