Rogério Moreira – Software Engineer, writer, maker.

Hey, I’m Rogério Moreira

I’m a software engineer, writer, and maker. I work at Mindera as a Software Engineer. You’ve found my personal slice of the internet – everything you want to know and more is here.

Latest Posts

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Fazer a autenticação no Automóvel online usando macOS e Firefox

How I added Google Analytics real-time visitors to my MacBook Touchbar

A couple of weeks ago I remembered it would be cool to see the real-time visitors of my website directly on my MacBook Pro Touch Bar, so I decided to do it.


I usually use the last couple of days of the year to reflect on the things that have happened and this year was no exception.


Awesome Portugal Data

Curated list of Portuguese datasets and open APIs.

Serverless Portuguese Utils

A set of useful utils to validate Portuguese data using Cloudflare Workers.


Python client to interact with XNAT